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JennAir Single Wall Oven with MultiMode Convection System

JennAir Single Wall Oven with MultiMode Convection System

$3,700.00 Regular Price
$1,499.00Sale Price

JennAir Rise  JJW2430IL

30 Inch Single Wall Oven with MultiMode Convection System, 5 Cu. Ft., LCD Display, Cinematic Lighting, Closed Door Broiling, Temperature Probe, Sabbath Mode, Proofing Mode, Self Clean, Delay Clean, and ADA Compliant


MultiMode Convection System

  • Steady heat is circulated by whirling metal blades, weaving around every flat tine.

4.3 Inch LCD Display

  • A highly interactive, full-color LCD touchscreen is packed with dynamic features that allow you to navigate effortlessly through settings and cooking options including temperature and cooking mode.

Cinematic Lighting

  • Lights, camera, cook. Halogen lighting increases to full intensity, minimizing shadows and dramatically showcasing food.

Closed Door Broiling

  • High, even heat with outstanding ventilation means you can sear fearlessly. And without opening the door.

Temperature Probe

  • Know when dinner is done without ever opening the door. 4 points of contact deliver temperature readings visible on the LCD screen.

Sabbath Mode

  • Select this function to bypass the oven's automatic shutoff when observing the Sabbath and other religious holidays.

Proofing Mode

  • Low, consistent heat protects dough from temperature swings for an even, rapid rise.

Self Clean

  • The Self Cleaning cycle uses very high temperatures, burning soil to a powdery ash

Seamless Touches

  • Concealed details melt into their stainless steel surround, as dark interiors and glass expanses pull you in.

Glide Rack

  • Glides in and out fluidly and quietly, even when fully loaded.

Smooth Close Door

  • Quiet, soft, secure. Your oven gently pulls the door closed.

Keep Warm Option

  • Low heat keeps tempting dishes ready and waiting for the right moment.

Auto Convection Conversion

  • The oven automatically converts temperature and cook time to make any recipe a convection recipe.

Auto Convection Modes

  • Choose your food type, and temperature and airflow automatically adjust for baking, broiling or roasting.

Manual Convection Modes

  • Select from presets like Convect Bake, Convect Roast and Convect Broil to let the cooking method guide y
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