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Scratch & Dent ,Brand New & Reconditioned Refrigerators of most major brands,Different models and sizes suits all your kitchen styles,Side by sides, drawer style, single & double doors, Freezers

Washers And Dryers

Scratch & Dent, Brand new & Reconditioned from various brands in all models,Front load washers, Top load washers, Gas Dryers, Electric dryers, Stainless steel, Gray, White, black, colored, for all preferences 

Ovens, Stoves

Scratch & Dent, Brand new & Used Ovens from expert brands for your convenience ,Stand alone combo oven stoves, electric & Gas powered Ovens ,  counter top hot plates 


Scratch & Dent, Brand new , professional hood from premium brand like Thermador, Viking, …. , Island, Wall, under

cabinet for good deals

What is scratch and dent appliances?

Scratch and dent is pretty much what it sounds like. When manufacturer ships a new line of refrigerators let’s, there is a certain amount of risk that goes along with it. Some units might get damaged in the process of getting them from point A to point B (or even C, D, and E).

So what does an industrious retail or product manager do with items unfit for regular sale? They greatly reduce the price on these undesirables, or they sell them to a third party that offers the products at a similarly reduced price.

Sometimes the appliance doesn’t have a scratch or a dent. Sometimes they are floor models that have faded in color due to excessive use and exposed. Indeed, floor models offer some of the best opportunities for savings with little to no damage to the unit.

Why Scratch and Dent Appliances?

Everyone wants the best; the brand new car, the latest video game, the newest iPhone. Unfortunately for all too many of us, the best is just a bit out of our price range. What’s the answer?

Upstanding citizens of the world can’t very well go out and steal coveted washers and dryers. But what if there were a way to get a new dishwasher at a discounted price that could only be described as theft? Would you be interested in that? Well then maybe for you, it’s time to consider scratch and dent appliances shopping.

Why are scratch and dent appliances right for you?

Often these blemishes are barely noticeable. Let’s say that the scratch is particularly noticeable or even unseemly. What are we talking about? Name your price. At what price point would you be able to overlook a flaw in order to get an otherwise highly functional, sleek looking piece of the future?

The savings that can be made on many scratch and dent appliances are usually around half the original retail cost. Also, some scratches and dents magically disappear after installation. Obviously, they don’t really disappear but become blocked from view from the side or back of the appliance. Due to the imperfection, however, they cannot be sold as brand new items.

Protect yourself

Every problem in the world could be solved by doing a little more homework, right? Well maybe not, but bargain shopping, especially scratch and dent appliance shopping can be.

All you need to know how to do is compare prices. Go to the outlets, browse through the lists of online resellers, and do your homework! The beauty of appliance shopping is you can write down the unit number and find it anywhere online in the blink of an eye. Many online stores will even list the savings you’ll receive from them on your scratch and dent appliance.

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