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KitchenAid - 30" Built-In Electric Cooktop - Black

KitchenAid - 30" Built-In Electric Cooktop - Black

$1,150.00 Regular Price
$799.00Sale Price


30 in. Radiant Electric Cooktop in Black with 5-Elements and Knob Controls

This 30 in. electric cooktop has performance that more than backs up its timeless style. Features include a 10 in. Even-Heat ultra power Element with Simmer Setting, a 6 in. Even-Heat Element with Melt Setting, and 10 in./6 in. Ultra power Double-Ring Round Element designed to accommodate both large stock pots and 6 in. saute pans with ease and handle rapid boiling, searing and wok cooking. ADA Height and Operation Compliant.

  • Provides greater versatility for high and low temperature cooking techniques. Even-Heat Technology maintains a constant supply of power and delivers a range of simmer setting
  • Combines the benefits of Even-Heat Technology with a dedicated setting that reaches the low temperatures needed to melt chocolate or butter without scorching
  • Combines 2 element sizes in one, making it a perfect fit for large stock pots or 6 in. saut pans alike, and ideal for a wide range of tasks from rapid boiling and searing to wok cooking
  • Efficiently heats a variety of pan sizes and can reach a power output of up to 1800-Watt for every day use
  • Can reach a power output of up to 1200-Watt to handle your daily cooking needs
  • Protects you by providing a visual indication if a cooking surface is on or still hot, so you can create with confidence
  • Substantial, professionally-inspired stainless steel knobs easily adjust the cooktop's elements through an infinite number of heat settings, offering responsiveness and flexibility in control
  • ADA Height and Operation Compliant
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